Team Captain’s Responsibilities

1) Team Captains must attend League Meetings for all specified league events.

2) Be familiar with all rules, schedules, policies, and procedures, and pass this information along to all team members.

3) Inform players of the date, time, and location of all games venue.

4) Make sure that each member of the team presents his valid CDL ID card prior to the start of every league.

5) Serve as the team’s representative for all league games. The team captain is the only one who may discuss rule interpretation questions with the head official and/or commissioner.

6) Assist the AV AFBL Staff with the implementation of the sportsmanship policy and stress to each participant its importance.

7) Assure that each team member arrives at the game site at least 15 minutes prior to the start of every game.

8) If a team member is ejected, it is the responsibility of the captain to provide all information to the Official or Athletic Trainer on duty and assist with the removal of the ejected player from the confines of the playing venue. The captain has one minute to facilitate this removal or the game will be suspended and declared a forfeit.

NOTE: The ejected player may be asked to leave the premises entirely.

9) Team Captains may make additions to their team’s roster. All additions must be submitted to the AV AFBL Commissioner for approval before the start of the second week of scheduled games.

10) Team Captain is responsible to gather all fees from the members and submit them to the AV AFBL Staff.