The league’s main objective is to create a healthy venue of recreation for the Filipino community and to foster the values of physical fitness, friendship, unity and “barkadahan” among its members. It’s open to players 35 years old or over of Filipino descent who are passionate about the game of basketball and plays a year-round schedule at Palmdale, California.

AV AFBL and its officers strongly believe in fair play and strict adherence to the rules and regulations in league and tournament competitions. Promoting fair play in basketball results in unity and enjoyment among the players and everyone involved in the game.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to promote enjoyment of sports while emphasizing a positive experience and encouraging values of teamwork, discipline, respect, passion and integrity, and bringing the Filipino and other communities together.

Vision Statement:

To have an environment and experience that promotes good sportsmanship, individual confidence, self esteem and leadership skills.

Organizing Committee

Roger Licup


Recruits and drafts new players.
Carry out the policy direction of the City and develop a working relationship with the City officials and referees.
Decides on rule changes in keeping with the overall policy of the AV AFBL.
Rules on all properly submitted technicalities.
Manages finances.

Al Sabino

Event Coordinator
Handle Sponsorship Program & Special Events.

Wilson De Jesus

Uniform Manager
Handle Customized Team Jerseys and Uniforms.